I am a designer and illustrator from London and I have a passion for creating spaces that explore, intrigue and evoke emotion.


I developed an interest in art and design before I really knew what the words meant. As a child, this manifested itself in a mountain of sketchbooks before I was able to fully explore this passion as a student on the foundation course for art and design at Central Saint Martins college. It was here that I discovered my love for set design.


I became fascinated by the way you could tell a story through the walls, floor and furniture of a set. Enthralled by how a set could assume a personality of its own, becoming another character itself and addicted to the way you could evoke emotion through an environment. It was this new found love that pushed me to complete my BA in set design for stage and screen at Wimbledon college of art. 


After graduating I worked as a freelance designer and maker in theatre, film and tv working with the Walt Disney theatre, Tower of London, BBC and on a variety of short films and fringe theatre productions before stepping into the world of events. Designing events has been unique in the way that the audience is not sitting in an auditorium or behind a screen but interacting with this world you have created for them. This medium has allowed me to further explore the relationship between a space and the people exploring it.